Introducing the 2017 Teva X Jhené Aiko Collaboration

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Back for the second year, the Teva x Jhené Aiko collaboration is a fusion of our most iconic silhouettes and the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter’s daring, eclectic style. Inspired by her lifelong wanderlust, Jhené designed three dreamy new sandals — the Original Universal, Hurricane XLT, and Flatform Universal — with the adventurous soul in mind.

From lux rose-gold hardware to the ethereal cloud-like colorway, the details on this limited-edition collaboration were directly inspired by Jhené’s deep connection to nature: “I’m a very sensitive person, so the elements and seasons always affect my mood, which is directly reflected in my writing.” We caught up with Jhené to find out more about her favorite outdoor moments and the perfect summer day that inspired her new shoes.



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Why has Teva become a big part of your style?

The first time I wore Teva sandals, I was in Hawaii. I was about to go on a hike and I wanted a cute sandal that I could hike in. When I tried them on they were so comfortable and when I went on my hike they were perfect — I kept them on all day. I feel a connection with the brand because I love how Teva encourages people to get outside and explore. I love to go on adventures and I appreciate having a cute, comfy sandal to keep me grounded while wandering.

How does being outdoors influence your music?

Often, I sit in the sun or under the moon and stars and write. It feels like words and ideas are beamed down to me. Whether I’m looking out at the ocean or in the middle of a forest, my best ideas come to me when I am outside.




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What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done since our last collaboration?

I went to Hawaii by myself and completed the famous Road to Hana on Maui. I stopped at some cool beaches and did some really great hikes on the way.

Personal style is all about expression—what side of yourself have you been dressing for lately?

I like to be comfortable, but I’m also not afraid to try something new. I dress for my mood, which changes hourly! Some days I’m sporty, some days I’m girly—sometimes I try, sometimes I don’t.


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What inspired the dreamy look of your second sandal collection?

I wanted my new Teva collaboration sandals to have an ethereal feel. I went with natural tones and a rose-gold color that remind me of how the sky looks during sunset or dawn. I wanted them to look like a daydream of the perfect summer day.

What was important for you to bring to your second collaboration with Teva?

Since my last collaboration with Teva, I have learned and grown tremendously. I feel more creative than ever. With this new design, I wanted to bring a sense of fantasy and encourage others to get out and explore the magical world around them.


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