5 New Year’s Resolution Ideas To Inspire New Adventures

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All clichés aside, New Year’s Day really is as good a time as any to reflect on the last 365 days and set some new goals. Still, most of us vow to do a whole host of things we’ll never follow through on. That’s why this year we’re choosing resolutions that go further than helping us lose weight or wake up early. We picked the brains of our favorite explorers and guest bloggers for New Year’s resolutions ideas that will help inspire new adventures all year long.

new year's resolution ideas

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“I plan to put aside cash every week that I’d normally spend on coffee and alcohol and create a separate travel account with that money—it’s better for my health, anyway! I can’t wait to see where 2016 takes me. My goal is to go to Costa Rica for the first time and maybe Alaska again.” — Laura Lawson Visconti


“My resolution is to spend more time pausing to enjoy a moment in time without cameras, notebooks, conversation or expectations, to just sit and observe. So often we are pushed to consider our adventures in terms of miles hiked, epic Instagram shots, or nights spent camping. Instead, I want to consider my adventures in 2016 as experiences experienced, sights seen, moments observed. By slowing down, I hope to better enjoy the subtitles that punctuate my days.” —Charles Post


Pictured: Women’s Foxy Boot

“From snowboarding in California [to] road tripping through Europe in the summer, camel rides through Morocco in the fall—I want to do it all! I want to not worry about the fine details or how it will all fall into place, but look at the big picture and discover all the different avenues to make it possible. Manifestation is not magic—it’s hard work, and I fully intend to do the ground work to make this year a global success.” —Lex Weinstein


“I want to get avalanche and wilderness first aid certified to advance my skills and confidence in the outdoors.” —Kylie Turley


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“In 2016 I would like to focus on two things: contribute more to my community and volunteer in a foreign country. I hope to encounter much more meaningful adventures and document every moment, whether it is volunteering at an orphanage or doing a clean-up at my local beach!” —Tara Michie


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