Bigfoot Country: The Adventure of Woody & The Blue Ox Part I

Trevor Gordon Woody and Big Blue Ox

Last summer, surfer Trevor Gordon decided to do what many adventure-seekers dream of, but so few ever realize: He built this own camper.


Armed with a deep fascination with rolling-homes but little knowledge of woodworking, he traded in his 1988 VW Vanagon for a blue four-by-four Jeep Comanche and set out to build a camper with a sturdy frame that could hold up to both the rough terrain and torrential rains trademark of the Pacific Northwest Islands of British Colombia, a region that beckoned with the promise of adventure and a good chance of quality surf along an undisturbed beach stretching 20 miles long.


Trevor Gordon Woody and Big Blue Ox


“The day I finished, I immediately started the maiden voyage north to Canada, with the pinnacle being just shy of the Alaskan border on the islands of Haida Gwaii,” says Gordon.


“Bigfood Country: The Adventure of Woody & The Blue Ox” is a two-part film that follows Gordon’s journey north from Carpinteria, California, on a mission to find surf and adventure in the heart of British Columbia’s Bigfoot Country. Watch it now:

PART 2: Escape From Bigfoot Country will air right here on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 8:00 am EST.


All photos by Jeremy Koreski.

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