Holidays at Home with Stylist Chris Horan & Friends

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Join stylist Chris Horan and his favorite people (like actress Debby Ryan, songwriter Empress Of, and comedy sketch star Benny Drama) for the ultimate holidays at home outfit inspo.

‘Tis the season for holiday comforts: Mariah Carey Christmas songs, nostalgic family recipes, and the warm coziness of socks and sandals. This winter is surely different and we’ve found ourselves craving comfort more than ever. The most comfortable feeling of all? The freedom to be yourself—no extravagant holiday party necessary.

In that spirit, we tapped one of the coolest stylists we know, Chris Horan, to hear how he’s finding comfort in holiday traditions and celebrating the season at home with his favorite people.

Chris Horan

Stylist Chris Horan.

Chris Horan

Born and raised in Southern California, we love how Chris’ California aesthetic effortlessly blends what’s new and now with an element of the unexpected. Chris’ clients—Barbie Ferreira, Rowan Blanchard, Cami Mendes, and Tommy Dorfman to name a few—are quickly emerging as the next generation of trendsetters for being outspoken, pushing the status quo, and unapologetically expressing themselves in their style choices and actions.

Debby Ryan

Actress Debby Ryan’s classic blazer and jeans look has a dash of shine with bright socks and the Flatform Universal Satin sandals in Black.

Debby Ryan Flatform Universal

We caught up with Chris to hear how he styled his favorite people for their adventures at home and the holiday traditions he’ll never miss out on.

How has your work as a stylist been different in Covid-19 times?

CHRIS HORAN: I love being on sets and believe that the best images and videos are the result of the energy everyone has in the room. Covid-19 has definitely presented some roadblocks in the way and speed in which we can create. On the same hand, it’s given me a great creative challenge of taking on other roles and the freedom to try new ideas in a lower stakes environment. I can’t wait to be able to squeeze and hug everyone again!

Empress Of Flatform Universal

Vocalist and songwriter Empress Of lets loose in the Flatform Universal Satin sandals in Black.

Empress Of

Empress Of Flatform Universal

Talk to us about these holiday looks in Teva. What was the inspiration behind it?

CHRIS: I really wanted to showcase some of the people I love participating in holiday traditions and adventures. I think it’s been a long year and it was fun to see some of my favorite people smiling and making the most out of a stressful time.

I mostly wanted to capture everyone in an authentic version of themselves. Teva sandals are so classic and I think it shows that they really do look great paired with everything from a sweatsuit to a silk dress and skateboard.

Benny Drama

Comic Benny Drama wears the Hurricane XLT2 in Rapids Insignia Blue.

Benny Drama Universal Trail

Get an extra edge on Twister with the grippy soles of the Universal Trail sandals in Dark Olive.

Tell us more about your favorite holiday traditions!

CHRIS: One of my favorite things about the holidays is that it’s the time of year when we really pay attention to and create traditions.

For me, traditions like making tamales with my family (and outside of Covid, usually some friends too) are the times when you hear new stories about each other, give each other a hard time, and eat your weight in the best food. I love seeing my niece and nephew getting just as excited as the adults assembling the tamales—showing that this tradition will always live on.

Ember Moc

Chris’ family is team Ember Moc for making tamales, an annual winter tradition.

Ember Mid

Ember Mid

While not all of my friends have been able to participate in tamale making yet, we do always have fun nights staying in watching music videos, making messy drag from clothes in my kit and playing different games. This tradition would definitely also include eating your weight in the best food and drink, too.

My last favorite tradition is gift wrapping. I take pride in both the gift itself but also how it’s presented. My mom always has a new theme every year and I’ve taken on this tradition of hers. I usually don’t plan the theme but rather whatever paper or color sticks out first, I will run with that. I love an unexpected print or something sparkly—and I learned from the best and never leave any exposed tape!

Midform Universal

Lauren’s playful patterns with the Midform Universal sandals in Metallic Champagne is our new holiday mood.

Are you team #socksandsandals or do you rock the Ember Moc?

CHRIS: I have not stopped wearing my Hurricane XLT2 sandals with socks so I have no choice but to be team #socksandsandals.

Midform Universal

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