Journal: Socks, Sandals, and The Power of Color

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Our friend and industrial designer Adam Kingman thinks about a lot of things (animation, where to find a tiki bar, the cost of a good notebook), but when it comes to color, no consideration is too small.

“I build outdoor equipment, and have to consider not just the aesthetic of color, but the function of it,” the Austin transplant explains. “Color has purpose.”

We agree. That’s why our collection of sandals are designed to compliment the environments they tread through — add socks and the color combinations become infinite and more interesting. Here, Adam Kingman performs some color play — and pontificates on the power of color — to celebrate #SocksAndSandals season.


Words and photos by Adam Kingman.

Let’s pretend we’re cavemen for a minute. We wake up (not bothering to check our phones because they don’t exist) and take a stroll through the towering pine trees to sit by the glassy blue lake. Our surroundings are deep, cool colors. We’re relaxed.

Suddenly, we smell smoke, look back, and see a forest fire. Pools of red engulf the trees. We’re panicked, terrified, and the adrenaline kicks in. Color is deeply connected to our emotions. Cool colors are calming. Warm colors are energizing.


I’m going on a design riff for a minute: Let’s say we’re backpacking to the coast. When we make it to the beach, it’s pouring rain and we’re in a rush to set up camp and get dry. We unpack our grey tent, tent poles, and rain fly. The entire tent body is grey except for the bright red and blue clips that line the top. We also have one blue tent pole and one red pole. Without any instruction, we can assume that red goes to red and blue goes to blue, and we’re inside our tent with some whiskey in no time while our friends are still trying to figure out their tent, which was designed with an assortment of random colors. Good product design utilizes color as function beyond just aesthetic.


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White is clean, fresh, untouched. Too much white and things look sterile and uncomfortable, like the operating room of a hospital. But pair white with natural woods and green plants and you’ve got something homey, like a kitchen or bakery.


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What colors should you bring into your bedroom to sleep better? What will make this studio space more inspiring? How will you make your intergalactic spaceship exciting to board but relaxing during takeoff?


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Take into consideration how the colors of your clothing not only affect your mood, but even the people around you. The most popular favorite color on Earth is blue. Pink calms nerves. Red makes you hungry. Yellow grabs attention, and when I wear my yellow Teva Original Universal Premiers, I find strangers summoning conversation more than when I wear my black ones. And, well, you know how I feel about conversation starters.

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