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If winter blahs have you feeling down and spring break is still a few weeks away, shake ‘em off with a handful of adventures you can have right now (no passport necessary). The major bonus? They double as last-minute Valentine’s Day date ideas.


• Write the numbers 10, 30, and 60 on separate pieces of paper. Throw them in a hat and pick one out—this is how many minutes you have to drive away from wherever you are. Just plot a point on your GPS app, and discover something to do when you get there.


• Take a ghost tour in your city (since most couples are out to dinner or a movie, you’ll probably be the only ones there). Come back home and rent the scariest movie you can—cuddling will be a necessity, not an option.


• Tell your significant other to dress as if they were going to do something really fun—that’s their only clue. Once you see what they’re wearing, you’ll know exactly what they had in mind. Wearing sandals? Take her to an indoor water park or to the bowling alley. In sneakers or hiking boots? Go for a walk somewhere with a view or rent a canoe. Leather shoes? Take him to that movie he’s been dying to see.


• Go to the dollar store and buy the fanciest-looking dishes you can find. Set up a blanket on the roof of your building and order take-out from your favorite restaurant. Light some candles and have a rooftop picnic with someone you love.


• Go to a museum and give each other tasks like “find something that reminds you of our first date.” When you find the object of your task, take a picture of yourself with it. Make plans to meet up in an hour—whomever has the least number of selfies in their phone pays for lunch.


• Invite your significant other to your house, and tape a note on the door saying you’re hiding somewhere inside with a Nerf gun. Leave a key and another Nerf gun at the door and prepare for battle.


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