DIY Beaded and Studded Sandals

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There’s a difference between spending a lot of money on an outfit, and looking like you spent a lot of money on an outfit—and when there are festival passes to buy and road trips to save for, the latter option is pretty much the only option. Using a few packs of shimmery beads and shiny gold studs, you can transform basic black sandals into a luxe summer outfit staple that only looks expensive.


Materials for Sparkly Sandals

A package of iridescent or gold beads

A package of gold studs


E600 glue

A needle and thread

A pair of Teva Originals


Take a few minutes to plan the placement of the beads and studs. We chose to apply the beads to the Velcro straps and use the studs to decorate the side and back straps.


Using the needle and thread, stitch each bead through the top Velcro strap, taking care not to sew through both straps—otherwise, you won’t be able to slide the sandals on and off. Sew three loops around it until the bead feels secure.


Once all of the beads are sewn securely to the straps, tie a knot to finish the stitch or add a dot of glue on top of the thread on the underside of the Velcro strap. Let dry to help secure the thread.


Press the prongs on the studs through the sandal’s side webbing using a pair of pliers and fold the prongs flat. Repeat on the back strap.


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