DIY: Bedazzled Teva Originals with Growing East

“Being from Hawaii, flip flops (or what we call ‘rubber slippers’), are pretty much give to you at birth and from that point on you will always have a pair around,” says Lindsay Arakawa, the craft-savvy blogger behind Growing East. “These are my first pair of Teva Originals and what I love most is that they’re different from the standard rubber slippers style. You also don’t ever have to worry about them falling off and they come in funky colors.”


So how does someone with a penchant for do-it-yourself projects customize her sandals before a major music festival? “I took a quick glance at the sandal straps, or what I now like to call ‘blank canvases,’ and convinced myself they needed to be bedazzled,” Arakawa says. “It ended up being a really fun and easy DIY project. It’s also one of my favorite ways to make your Originals a little more original.” Here, the DIY blogger explains how she did it:



Teva Originals sandals

Gold pyramid prong studs

(That’s it!)

I decided to place three studs in a straight line on the longer strap that connects the strap closer to your toes to the one that wraps around your ankle—or just the strap that runs along your foot. I placed one more (loner) stud on the tiny strap at the front of each sandal. While placing each stud on your strap, make sure to only do it through the first layer because the prongs probably aren’t long enough to be able to clasp onto the second strap underneath (example pictured below).

If you’re not completely digging the studs, take your Teva sandals into your local craft store to see what other gems, buttons, sequins, etc. might work well and compliment one another. The great thing about using these prong studs is that if you make a mistake or decide that you no longer want bedazzled Teva sandals, they’re super easy to take off and don’t leave a mark once they’re gone.


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