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It’s easy to go into the Halloween season with the best intentions, only to fall victim to the last-minute costume curse. Before you reach for the cat ears (again), take a cue from Treasures and Travels’ Lindsay and Tegan with not one but two Teva Original DIY projects.

Scared of do-it-yourself costumes? Don’t worry—these easy tricks will transform your Originals into stylish treats in five minutes or less.


Fiercely Feathered



Teva Flatform Universal in Black

• One pack of craft feathers

• Hot glue gun

• Two wood stirring sticks


1. Lay out the feathers in pattern you prefer and separate an even amount of feathers for each sandal.

2. Glue feathers onto one wood stick, facing upward. Start by gluing feathers onto one side of the stick. Let dry, then cover the exposed side of the stick.  Leave one-inch of bare wood at the bottom.


3. Once the stick is covered, add a small amount of glue to the bottom and stick it through the small loop on your sandal, holding it tightly in place until the glue dries. Repeat on the other sandal.


4. Add a small strip of glue along the top strap of your sandals. Place feathers on the strap at an angle toward the large feather wand so they blend together.


The Mummy



• Teva Original Universal in Bright White

• White scrap fabric or an old bed sheet

• Hot glue gun

• Scissors

teva-halloween-diy-1291. Start by cutting a two-inch-wide slit into the fabric and rip so it makes one long strip. Repeat until you have four long pieces of fabric.

2. Take the end of each piece and dab with glue, fold the corner in on an angle, and repeat, folding over the other corner so the end of each fabric strip is shaped like a triangle.


3. Start by gluing the first piece of fabric along the back strap of your sandal. Glue onto the strap from inside to outside so the excess fabric falls on the outside of your heel.

4. Glue the other piece of fabric onto the strap going the opposite direction. Start by gluing it on top of the other fabric toward the inside of the heel, and wrapping around and gluing it onto the front strap.


5. Both of the excess strips should now be at the outside of your heel. Once you slip on your Teva sandals, wrap the fabric around and up your leg and tie together. You can use the rest of the sheet to rip up extra pieces to wrap around your arms and torso to complete your super-easy mummy costume.

teva-halloween-diy-189Shop our Original Universal sandal and show us your costume on Instagram @Teva #TevaDIY.


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