DIY Star-Spangled Sandals

Here’s the thing about the 4th of July: there’s no requirement that says you have to go all red, white and blue with your style. But if we have a chance to dress up in stars and stripes, we say, why not? Patriotism never goes out of style, which is why our latest DIY project pays homage to Old Glory using classic Americana detailing. The best part? It’s a no-sew project that you can whip up in time for the fireworks (and peel off later when the festivities are over).


A strong adhesive like fabric glue (super glue works well in a pinch)

Foam star cut-outs

Glitter glue

Spread a thin coat of glitter glue onto your foam stars. Couldn’t find stars at your art supply store? Make a template by printing a star out from your computer and snipping the shape out from a sheet of foam. Foam works best here in case your toes need wiggle room.

Make sure your Originals are clean before you start (read up on how to give yours a bath here). Decide what pattern you want your stars to appear in and space them out on your shoes, marking each spot with a small white marker.

Apply a thin coat of fabric glue to the backs of the stars and press them firmly into place where you want them to appear on the sandals.

Let dry for at least an hour (24 if you really want them to last). Apologize to the firework guy in advance—all those “oohs and ahhs” will now be for your footwear.


Buy your Teva Originals now to make sure they’re here by the 4th of July Weekend! 


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