DIY Temporary Tattoo Festival Flatform Sandals

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Temporary tattoos have come a long way since those Spiderman logos you used to plaster all over your legs during recess. The newest iterations are sleek, metallic, and totally Beyonce approved. And, thanks to our Flatform sandals and the creative minds of Tegan and Lindsay of Vancouver-based blog Treasures and Travels, now you don’t have to completely scrub off your temporary ink after festival season is over.


“We fell in love with Teva’s Flatform sandals and can’t believe how comfortable they are,” the duo says. “We could walk for hours, which is perfect for festival season! Here is an awesome and super-easy DIY way to shine up your Flatform sandals and add some spark to your step.”



-A pair of Flatform sandals

-A sheet of metallic temporary tattoos (we used a mix of Flash Tattoos and Boho Marks)

-A damp hand cloth or paper towel


-Clear nail polish (optional)


1. Choose which temporary tattoos you want to decorate your Flatform sandals with, and cut them out of the larger sheet, trimming as closely as possible to the actual design.

2. Peel back the plastic backing from the tattoo.


3. Place the tattoo, face down, where you want the design to appear on the sandals. Gently press the damp cloth to the paper back of the tattoo, and hold down so the tattoo is completely covered for about 20 seconds.


4. Gently peel off the paper backing from the tattoo, and let dry completely.


5. If you want to change up the design, you can scrape off the tattoos and start all over again. For a more permanent design, you can paint over each tattoo with clear nail polish.



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