DIY Wood Panel Chalkboard


If you’re a serial sticky note maker—as in, your entire fridge looks like a display at Staples—it might be time to find a more eco-friendly way to keep track of your to-dos (or that Bonnaroo countdown!). That’s why we love chalkboard paint…made chic by Mrs. Stewart herself, the easy to use coating can be applied to everything from a kitchen wall to a panel of wood, which is exactly what we did to make this DIY chalkboard panel. Just grab a slice of wood (find them at craft stores or lumberyards), a few supplies, and you have an inexpensive and easy project that could just put sticky notes out of a job.




A light-colored wood panel or block


A paintbrush

Chalkboard paint


Painter’s tape (optional)

Newspaper (optional)



1. Start by giving your wood panel a little sandpaper massage—you want a completely even, smooth surface before you start. Leave the edges raw for a more rustic look.


2. Dust off any residue and squirt a glob of chalkboard paint onto the middle of the panel. Start spreading out the paint evenly toward the edges of the panel.


3. Be careful not to go outside the lines near the edges (or go for it—it’s your party). Painter’s tape comes in handy if you have any unsteady hand.



4. Let the first coat dry for at least 20 minutes, then repeat two more times. Let your final coat dry for 24 hours.


5. Get your panel ready for action by lightly coating the entire thing with a layer of chalk, then gently wipe it off.


6. Jot down your grocery list, favorite quote, or festival countdown. You can attach a picture hanger to the back if you want to hang your DIY project on the wall.


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