DIY Dazed and Confused Teva Original Universals

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Photos by Juan Luis Garcia. 

Discovering Cayla Benson’s art is like stumbling into the bedroom of that cool girl from high school who sat in the back of the classroom doodling on her shoes: it’s a colorful, creative world of ‘90s-era nostalgia, vintage records and painted denim jackets. It’s the latter that has quickly become her signature canvas.


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“One day I decided to paint an old denim jacket that I had and posted it on my social media,” says the New Jersey-based artist. “The response was insane.”

These days, Benson stocks her online shop with cut-off shorts, surfboards, baggy jackets — and, most recently, Teva shoes — all painted with in-your-face imagery and slogans inspired by everything from Frida Kahlo to rock-and-roll icons.



Shop the Women’s Original Universal.

Citing titans of psychedelic blues like David Bowie, Radiohead, Mazzy Star, Pink Floyd and Stevie Nicks as her muses, Bensons was inspired by the 1969 Led Zeppelin song “Dazed and Confused” to paint custom Teva Original Universal sandals to wear in the heat of summer.


“I find their lyrics so beautiful and colorful, as if I can see what they would look like covered in paint.”

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