Festival Countdown: Get Whitney Port’s Festival Shoe Picks

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Whitney Port is practically an expert at pulling off that “I swear I barely put any effort into this amazing outfit” look. Wearing a light denim dress and leather Flatforms, she exudes a casual-cool vibe that’s both edgy and polished—not an easy combination to master. Still, she admits that she, too, has had her share of fashion “misses.”

“I recently did a video interview with Cosmopolitan where they showed me pictures of past red carpet looks of mine and the majority of them were awful,” she laughs. “I always prided myself on being in style but these looks made me feel like I was following all the wrong trends. I keep telling myself it is just a matter of trends changing and what was in then, is not in now. That’s how I make myself feel better.”


Past fashion transgressions aside, the CEO and Whitney Eve fashion designer has certainly found her stride. That’s why she’s our go-to source of inspiration when it comes to picking out a look for music festival season. We caught up with Port at a Teva event and talked all things festival, from comfy shoes to her favorite bands to that time she and Justin Timberlake almost dated (kind of).


How has your perspective on style changed since becoming a designer?

I think I have really dialed it down and become a little more simplistic in my view on fashion. I like to test the boundaries and be funky, especially with red carpet style, but my go-to look is really California comfy and casual. Being a CEO has opened my eyes to providing a collection for the majority of women and dressing in a way that is achievable. I want to provide fashion to girls who are willing to take risks and be a little funky but who also want to feel like themselves and they don’t feel like they are wearing a costume.


Are your designs pretty reflective of your own style?

Yes, definitely. I love a good printed flouncy mini-dress paired with a moto jacket, and Whitney Eve has tons of those! Honestly, I always just want to be comfortable. Whenever I am picking out an outfit, the fundamental mantra of mine is, ” Look like you didn’t try to put this together.” I always want a look to feel effortless and one can see that in my collection.


You have that effortless thing pretty locked down—how do you plan to translate that to your music festival style?

Ah! I am so excited to start styling my festival looks! I’m such a nerd but it is one of my favorite times of the year. The key to finishing off any look for a festival without making it look like you tried so hard is comfortable shoes. Girls really underestimate the importance of this! Just because shoes are comfortable, doesn’t mean they aren’t cute, and I can’t wait to wear one of my cute pairs of Teva sandals. The shape of the sandal will go with any look, whether it’s a frayed denim short, a fun two-piece look or easy dress.


Music festivals tend to have an anything-goes approach to fashion. So what are you loving—and not feeling as much?

When I am thinking about what I want to wear to a festival I think about what Rosie Huntington Whiteley or Kate Bosworth wear? I mean, just because I have personal style doesn’t mean I don’t find inspiration in other cool fashion girls! The simpler the better in my opinion. It makes for a fuss-free day! I can’t handle the flower crowns, fringe and flash tattoos—those are the trends I just can’t get into.


Which Teva styles do you love for festival season?

The Flatform Universal Iridescent in Black, with multi-color python straps, is so cute, and I honestly can’t wait to wear them! I also love the Original Universal Ombre in the bright colors, like the Deep Teal and the Raspberry! I think these would be so cute with a two-piece printed look or romper.


Are you a big music fan?

I’m a huge music fan! My first concert ever was Janet Jackson, which I will remember forever—she is the reason I got into dance classes at a young age. I also remember the NSYNC concert like it was yesterday. I was head over heels in love with Justin and seriously thought we had a chance. The last concert I went to was Taylor Swift’s. She is an amazing performer and you can’t just not love her after watching her show. I think some of the best acts at Coachella I have ever seen have been Mumford and Sons, The XX, Foster the People and Florence and the Machine. The setting in Indio is so beautiful, with the sun setting among the palm trees that are swaying in that desert air…the environment just makes the music sound so much more beautiful! I know I sound like a cheeseball, but it’s true.


Everyone has that one song on they can’t stop playing on repeat all day. Which one is it for you right now?

The remix of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” by Jonas Blue featuring Dakota. I’m obsessed. I hope they play it in my SoulCycle class tomorrow morning.


Side note: We couldn’t help but notice you collect snow globes…which one is your favorite?

Great question! I actually have an awesome “LAS VEGAS” one in the shape of a pyramid that I love. It has bright colored confetti and a mini version of the infamous Las Vegas sign. Funny thing is, I got it at an antique shop in Ojai, California. I think that is why it’s my favorite, because it has a little history to it and it’s not just another one I got at an airport!


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