Field Notes: New Zealand with Charles Post and Meg Haywood-Sullivan

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Pictured: Men’s Hurricane XLT in Black.

“We were close enough to Antarctica that yellow-eyed penguins arrive year after year to swim up the rivers and nest,” says naturalist Charles Post, fresh off an expedition to New Zealand with girlfriend and photographer Meg Haywood-Sullivan. “It was a wild landscape where every sound, step, and view flooded across our senses like no other experience had.”




Yeah, New Zealand will do that to you. Split into two halves—the North and South Islands—connected by a ferry, the country is both stunning beautiful and overwhelmingly dramatic enough to earn its nickname: Real Middle Earth (it was the otherworldly setting for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, after all). Here, Charles peels back the cover of his journal and gives us a look at his Field Notes.




“Early on it was evident New Zealand was chalk full of the obscure, unique and epic. Over the course of a month, we followed our noses, intuition and suggestions of travellers weeks or months ahead of us, as they too vagabonded their way to freedom on the road.

Here among these wild lands, only a decent pair of shoes and dose of wanderlust would get you very far. These were places where sheep ebbed and flowed like a summer’s tide, and snowy peaks and windswept cliffs hugged an endless river of valleys and coastlines.

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Pictured: Women’s Terra-Float Nova in Lime/White.



Pictured: Men’s Hurricane XLT in Black.



Our adventure would begin at the feet of these mountains, along the rivers that meander through ochre valleys, and among coastlines dappled with numerous craggy corners perfectly suited for a day’s adventure. We caravanned, hiked, swam and fished our way clear across New Zealand to Australia, home of the blue gum eucalyptus, koala, epic farmers markets and folks with a penchant for beer infused storytelling. It was here, along the Noosa nook of the sunshine coast of Queensland that we found that goldilocks of place: It was just right for our tired feet and thirsty lips. And what a journey it was—worth every step of the way.”

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