The Road to ‘Roo with Natalie Off Duty, Honey & Silk, Dylana Suarez, and That’s Chic

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What do you get when you put four of the best fashion bloggers around together in a car and show them the way to Bonnaroo? The most stylish road trip Instagram has ever seen. Follow Dylana Suarez, Natalie Off Duty, That’s Chic, and Honey & Silk as they explore the route from New Orleans, Louisiana to Manchester, Tennessee in the hot summer heat strapped into some of our coolest summer sandal styles.


Dylana Suarez: “The Late Victorian mansions in New Orleans’ Garden District are churning up dreams of a Southern Belle life.”


That’s Chic: “Finally made it to New Orleans. I have one day to squeeze in everything I wanna do. First stop, Mr. B’s!”


Dylana Suarez: “A Streetcar Named Desire. Taking to the streets with Teva.”


Dylana Suarez: “New Orleans rule number 1: Must pose by seam foam door.”


Dylana Suarez: “The Color Tunnel. Last night.”


Dylana Suarez: “1 hour and 14 minutes from Birmingham.”


Dylana Suarez: “Going for a dip before heading to the next city.”


Natalie Off Duty: “Wanna go fishin’ boy?”


Honey & Silk: “Well that was refreshing. Obsessed with floating in the still waters of the lake on a hot day. Now off to Nashville!!”


Natalie Off Duty: “First stop!? The Farm! Let’s do this Bonnaroo 2015!”


Dylana Suarez: “Will probably be stripping down to my undies in a few hours. Why can’t this be real life?”


Honey & Silk: “Can’t believe I still have another amazing day of music left at Bonnaroo 2015!”


Natalie: “Who said roughing it was hard work?”


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