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Wanderlust is a state of mind, yes, but it’s also the name of a series of yoga and music festivals take places across the country every year.

Wanderlust is a place where people come to reconnect with their bodies and to realign their hearts with what they feel is true to how they want to live their life,” explains Kylie Fly, who is working as the head staff photographer for Wanderlust for the summer.

There are six total festivals, located at beautiful mountain ski resorts in places like Stratton in Vermont, Snowshoe in West Virginia, Aspen in Snowmass, Squaw Valley in Tahoe, Whistler in British Columbia and Montreal’s Mont Tremblant.

“Each location is just as glorious as the last: mountain escapes filled with fresh air and high peaks,” writes Fly in her Teva Field Notes. “Whether an attendee is someone who showed up alone hoping to just make new friends, a yoga instructor teaching his or her practice, an activist coming to learn about issues in the world from keynote speakers, or an athlete looking to find more balance, or a mom looking for a little getaway, there certainly seems to be a place for everyone at Wanderlust.” Here’s what Fly has learned from Wanderlust from her post behind the lens.


Everyone is Your Friend




I’m a big believer in the fact that anyone can be your friend. It may not result in a ground-breaking, life-long friendship, but being kind goes a long way. Wanderlust has reminded me of the importance of smiling, saying hello to strangers, and making an effort to connect with other people. I always walk away feeling like I made a new friend, even though I may never see them again.


Respect Others and Their Hobbies




It doesn’t matter if you’re super into yoga or would rather spend your “me” time hitting the trails running in the fresh air, it’s okay to be different. I’m not a yogi by any means—I have literally done yoga maybe five times. At these festivals I’m often questioned as to how I got a job shooting yoga if I’m not a yogi, and I can’t help but be somewhat disappointed that people assume to be a part of something you must be like everyone else. I find great strength in standing alone or among the few in who you are. It’s not always about blending in.


Think About What You Put into Your Body




We all need a good reminder about the impact food and drink has on our bodies. It’s important to be mindful about what we’re feeding ourselves, because the food that goes into our bodies is all we have to work with when it comes to accomplishing our goals in health, fitness and an overall happy lifestyle. Speakers come in from various backgrounds highlighting the pros of vegan-ism, how to eat clean, how to afford to eat green, how to cut back on your waste contribution and learn to refrain from using harmful products that negatively impact our environment. It’s a very cool space to learn about how to better yourself and be one person who can help create change in the world.


Dance a Little, or a Lot




It’s good to let loose and get a little weird! I find it very healing to listen to good music and let yourself feel. It’s okay if you’re a terrible dancer and are feeling good just wiggling your shoulders a little bit, and it’s also okay if you’re really into getting groovy and get wild on the dance floor. Do what you feel, and don’t be ashamed to let it out—or not.

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