Five Summer Adventures to Have In the Next 30 Days

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Summer always seems like the most fleeting season, doesn’t it? But thanks to longer days and better weather, it’s also the best time to fit in all those adventures you’ve been meaning to get to all year. So, here’s the challenge: try these five easy, inexpensive adventures in the next 30 days and you’ll never have to say, “I feel like I didn’t do anything this summer!”


Sleep on the beach

Many beaches offer campsites where you can pitch a tent and have bonfire. Bring a cooler stocked with fresh fruit, croissants, and coffee and wake up early to eat breakfast next to the waves.


Go see a play

When the humidity becomes totally unbearable, take it indoors and buy tickets for a local play. Even if you aren’t really a patron of the arts, you might be surprised at how much you enjoy watching one of your favorite stories come to life on the stage.  Even if you’re not into it, two words: Air. Conditioning.


Visit a dog park

Your furry best friend is probably ready for his own summer outing right about now. Research local dog-friendly parks and beaches where your pup and can swim, play and run around off-leash.


Go wine tasting—and then nap outdoors

From coast to coast, wineries offer the opportunity to day drink (responsibly, of course) by sampling the best vino they have to offer. Look for an affordable package that includes a tour of the wine-making facilities and small samples of their best flavors. Top it off with a quick nap in the park or by the beach while you soak up some sun.


Have an outdoor movie night

If you’re lucky enough to live in a town with a drive-in movie theater, block out a night to visit it—who knows how long these entertainment relics will be around? If you’re not quite as lucky, make it a more intimate affair by taping a white sheet to a wall and borrowing a projector to host your own movie screening. Don’t forget plenty of cushions and blankets to keep everyone comfortable.


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