Worn Well: Four Ways to Style Women’s Boots

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You never forget your first pair of boots. You won’t forget our fall boots either: from ankle to tall to our take on the classic Chelsea, our new boot collection is effortless to wear and full of wear-with-anything staples. Here, we asked four of our most stylish friends to pick a pair that best meshed with their look.


Whitney Mitchell

New Orleans, Louisiana

 Whitney Mitchell wearing Teva

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If you had to give your personal style a name, what would it be?

Saucy Ross. I love the flamboyance of Diana Ross and all the statement pieces she has worn over the past few decades. I’d like to think I’m en route to achieving Ross excellence while keeping my 2017 funky.

De La Vina Dos Chelsea Quilted

Tell us about the first boots you remember owning.

Back when the year 2000 became a thing, I begged my mother to allow me the freedom of a first job, at the Staten Island Mall. I wanted nothing more than to earn money for my own “fashions.” My first paycheck went to savings — every penny except the cost of the most beautiful construction boots. Everyone around me had construction boots, they were (and still are) a staple in the fabric of what it looked like to be a New Yorker. These boots were my coming of age, both financially and visually. It would be hard to forget the first time I felt like Aaliyah making a cameo in a Missy Elliot video.

De La Vina Dos Chelsea Quilted

How did you style your De La Vina Dos Chelsea Quilted boots?

I’m a muumuu, coverall, co-ord type of woman living in a city with no seasons. I love a look that’s light enough for warmer afternoons, yet versatile enough to offer brisk “fall” air coverage. The De La Vina Dos Chelsea Quilted boot is the perfect cut for a peek-a-boo ankle slay. They make me feel like I’ve found the staple of what it means to be Saucy Ross: living and dancing from state to state in any one of my weather-ready statement pieces.


Kate Rentz

Los Angeles, California


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Tell us about your first pair of boots.

The first boots I remember owning were the Justin Original Lacer Cowboy Boots.  My mom got them for me because I used to show pigs and we’d have to wear these really cute outfits in the arena during showmanship. I’d get all dressed up with my checkered shirt, Wrangler jeans, and Justin boots. I had three pairs, actually: red, navy, and black. I fully regret ever getting rid of them. Now they’re like $150 per pair in LA.

De La Vina Dos Chelsea

How did you style your De La Vina Dos Chelsea boots?

Whenever I wear boots, it always takes me back to being that little country girl in Ohio and I wanted to somehow recreate that, but for my adult self.  Because I’m not so country anymore, I paired the boots with some vintage Levi’s blue jeans, a mustard turtleneck from Zara, and a burnt orange vintage jacket. I can’t forget my hat: it’s a Resistol from a vintage store in Los Angeles. When I was little Katie, I spent all my time in the fields and woods behind my house and I wanted to stay true to who I was, so I chose to shoot at a location that I consider being my “backyard” and where I spend a lot of time in LA.  I’ve traded cornfields and woodlands for mountains and cacti.

De La Vina Dos Chelsea

What did you like most about the De La Vina Dos Chelsea boots

I’m so excited about this season’s color selections. I chose to wear the Redwood hue and I have loved this maroon/purplish color for a long time — I’m so glad it’s finally popular now.  I love matching it with copper, gold, and various shades of yellows, oranges, and reds.  Also, I just love this boot.  I love that you can slip them on and be out the door.  I’m always on the go and I often don’t think too much about what I’m wearing.  I like to look good, don’t get me wrong, but for me it’s about getting out there first and being fashionable second.  With these boots, you can do both!


Kandace Banks

New York, New York

Arrowood Mid Waterproof in Deep Teal

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If you had to give your personal style a two-word name, what would it be?

I’d name my style “Olivia Pope” (the Season 1 version) because I love wearing white, and someday I hope to walk into a room, slam my Prada bag down, and get everyone in check just like her.

Arrowood Mid Waterproof Deep Teal

How did you style your boots?

I styled my Arrowood Mid Waterproof sneakerboots with my usual white jeans and my favorite puffer coat. I live in a big city, so my definition of adventure is being on foot during rush hour. These boots are perfect because they keep me comfortable as I hike across the city while still making a statement.

Arrowood Mid Waterproof Deep Teal

What did you like most about wearing the Arrowood Mid Waterproof sneakerboots?

I love the fact that they’re waterproof. My first time wearing them was in the rain, and I was so happy to ditch my big rubber rain boots for these blue sneakerboots. They’re also more lightweight and comfortable than my rain boots, which I enjoy.


Alivia Latimer

Portland, Oregon

De LA Vina Dos Tall

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Tell us about the first boots you remember owning.

Doc Marten AirWair brown leather boots. I purchased them when I was fifteen, for $10 from a Goodwill thrift store. The reason I loved them and remember them so well is because although I bought them used and already pretty worn, they stuck with me for so long! They traveled with me on so many adventures, from the mountains of Canada to glaciers in Iceland, to snowball fights and hikes in countless National Parks. I only had to retire them a few months ago. So, I’m excited for my new adventure boots and the places they will go!

De La Vina Dos Tall

How did you style your De La Vina Dos Tall boots?

I paired the boots with jeans, a cozy sweater, and raincoat — it was a bit of a chilly and rainy day, so naturally I went with a cozier look.


Boots are versatile: they can be tough, they can be feminine, they can handle the weather, they can get dressed up. What is your favorite reason to wear boots?

My favorite scenario to wear boots in is when I am headed out on an adventure, but still want to look cute. I love that boots can handle tough terrain, but still work within an outfit and can be photogenic — talk about the best of both worlds! Cute boots with a little bit of edge? Sign me up.


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