Get Fit, Have Fun: Logan Gelbrich on Unfollowing the Fitness Norm

Los Angeles-based TevaSphere trainer and Functional Fitness on the Bluffs co-founder Logan Gelbrich has found a way to get people excited about working out again. Gelbrich’s early days as a Major League Baseball athlete taught him a lot about the importance of daily exercise and strength training. “At the time I was building performance for a very specific task: my sport. But after my career, being the best version of myself became the new goal. Fitness, of course, is a part of that,” he adds.

So he wrote a business plan for a new school—a way of working out that was less about following the herd and more about exercising an individual’s right to do things differently. After merging resources with a new friend who just so happened to be a personal trainer, “We knew that the context of group training and a unique gym environment provided a much more effective atmosphere for developing fitness,” says Gelbrich. “I literally met him and some of his clients out at the park and watched him coach our first ever Functional Fitness on the Bluffs session, and this monster was born!”


Gelbrich’s new way of training and inspiring students makes them see working out as a fun hobby rather than a chore. We asked him to share a few more thoughts on this revolutionary road to fitness:

• There’s a reason the best athletes in the world don’t do tricep extensions and crunches. We have to change our perspective on exercise and focus on improving performance rather than changing appearance. Once we start to run faster, squat heavier, become more flexible, etc., we begin improving real fitness. And, I promise, whatever aesthetic goals one may have are built into improved performance.

• I see a huge disparity between the “fitness” industry and true fitness or capacity. About 99% of the fitness industry is wishy-washy, aesthetic based, unfounded, and gimmicky.

• With the perspective of a skill-based life and a community like this, we create a sustainable addition to people’s lives. In other words, we don’t kick people’s butts for five days and never see them again. And, because people weave health and fitness into their lifestyle with this context, we see incredible changes.

• We’ve had students lose as much as 100 lbs. Others have said goodbye to life-long conditions like asthma and knee pain. But, even mediocre coaches and trainers have stories to share.

• The most powerful transformation I have seen has been people in their 40s who never considered themselves athletes find that mindset.

Inspired yet? Choose to unfollow the mainstream workout ways and consider joining Functional Fitness on the Bluffs or another unorthodox program in your area.


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