Good Eats: Red, White and Blueberry S’mores Recipe

We want to extend a huge thank you to whoever invented the s’more (because, come on, summer just isn’t the same without them), but we’re ready to upgrade the childhood snack into something even more delectable. All you need are a few extra ingredients to take this classic camp favorite to the next level just in time for the 4th of July festivities. Here’s how:


One six-pack of full size dark chocolate bars

One bag giant marshmallows

One box Graham crackers

One container fresh strawberries

One container fresh blueberries

Six to eight tablespoons of caramel or hazelnut spread

Start by assembling the base of your s’more sandwich: choose two graham crackers and a hunk of dark chocolate and drizzle a tablespoon of your flavored spread over the chocolate


Push the marshmallow onto a stick and roast over the fire evenly until puffy but not burnt.

Slice strawberries and blueberries and place then on top of the chocolate.

Place the marshmallow on top of the fruit, and let it sit for a moment so the chocolate softens.

Press the other half of the graham cracker on top until the marshmallow starts oozing out. Eat it before someone grabs it out of your hands.


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