Holiday Style Guide with Celebrity Stylist Maeve Reilly

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Maeve Reilly has quickly built a reputation in the world of fashion for being more than just a celebrity stylist. From editorials to red carpet events, she continues to create looks for her clients that are effortless, avant-garde and fashion forward.

“I always knew I wanted to work with clothing,” she says. “I fell into styling when I was 17 and, 13 years later, I’ve never looked back.”

Stylist Maeve Reilly

When styling Teva’s holiday shoes, Maeve knew she wanted to focus on contrast for looks that stand out. Here, Maeve shares her favorite ways to style Teva’s limited-edition holiday shoes using textured socks, bold fall colors, and velvet accents. “Footwear is so important,” she says. “It can make or break a look!”

Man wearing Men’s Arrowood Utility Mid

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Tip 1: Layer Your Look

“Even with boots, we wanted to show socks peeking out to give the looks dimension,” says Reilly. Colder weather styling is all about layering, and you can translate that idea to footwear by mixing different textures together —sequins, cashmere, fishnet nylon and leather. Mixing a matching texture can give an unexpected edge to holiday footwear, which is especially handy for the party circuit.

Photo of the Foxy Lace Boot from Teva

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A woman wearing the Teva De La Vina Dos Tall boot in Black.

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Man wearing the Teva Arrowood Flash boots by a tent.

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Woman in dress wearing the Teva Foxy Lace WP boots.

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Tip 2: Contrasting Socks and Sandals

Socks and sandals have become a year-round look for Teva, but for the holidays, Reilly suggests keeping the look simple and bold so it can shine. “Contrast the sandals with your socks, making sure they are different colors. Keep your outfit pared down and simple.”

Midform Universal Glam

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Feet in stockings and Teva Original Universal Leather Premiere

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Man and women sitting wearing coats and Teva sandals.

Tip 3: When In Doubt, Wear Velvet

Reilly’s last styling tip? “I would suggest pairing the velvet shoes with all of your holiday looks — just make sure to only have one piece of your outfit be velvet. It should be used as an accent.” Done and done.

Flatform Universal Velvet in Amber

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Teva Ember Moc Velvet in Fig

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Teva Ember Moc Velvet in Fig

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