How to Be a Weekday Warrior

Most of us wait—impatiently— until the weekend to get out and enjoy the warmer weather. Why not get a head start on your two days off by incorporating mini adventures into every single day? Here’s a full workweek’s worth of inspiration to help you get in touch with your inner #WeekdayWarrior.

Weekday Adventure Idea #1: Bike along the scenic route to work.

Commuting to work or school by bike will save you some serious dough (no gas allowance required!) and give your body a flood of endorphins that will last all day. Cities like Boston and Washington have bike-share systems, while others like San Francisco and Austin are known for being biker friendly thanks to sophisticated bike path systems. Need to take the highway (or avoid helmet hair)? Invest in a bike rack so you can pedal around a nearby park on your lunch break.


Weekday Adventure Idea #2: Start a collection of things you love.

Gone are the days when sifting through a stamp collection was reserved for the geek squad—commanding a collection adds dimension to your after-work activities. If you’re stuck for ideas on what to start scouting out, think about what you most like to do on the weekends. Always taking road trips? Start a post card collection. Movie buff? Start cataloging your ticket stubs. Love to surf? Shell collection it is.

Weekday Adventure Idea #3: Wake up extra early and go to a lookout spot nearby.

Every city has a view worth seeing—pack up a portable breakfast, a travel mug, and a blanket and drive up a popular lookout spot. Enjoy your morning meal while soaking up the view.


Weekday Adventure Idea #4: Ditch the gym and take your workout routine to the trails.

Not that we have anything against sprinting on a treadmill, but nothing can compare to a fast-paced run on a twisting trail. The constant change in terrain forces your body to engage smaller stabilization muscles you probably didn’t even know you had (trust us, you’ll feel them in the morning!).

Weekday Adventure Idea #5: Organize a pick-up game.

If you haven’t played kickball since elementary school, it’s time to reignite some competitive spirit. Recruit works friends or neighbors, buy a cheap ball, and head to the local park. Go over the rules if you have newbies, then start playing! Losers treat the winners to ice cream or a round of beers.


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