How to Clean Your Teva Originals

Things we like dirty: martinis, jokes, dancing, and Clint Eastwood.  You’ll notice sandals aren’t high on our list. That’s because, like a lot of things we prefer to keep clean (mustaches, Major League baseball, dishes), we think they deserve a little tender loving care.

And let’s admit it: Teva sandals are pretty cool. We get to put them on for everything from trekking around the Grand Canyon to standing for hours waiting for the headliners at Coachella. So keep them looking new for as long as possible by sacrificing a few minutes of afternoon burrito run time for some crucial sandal care. Besides, a little soap and water might be the only thing separating you from the smelly hippie waving sage around his tent at the end of festival season. Here’s how to do it:

1. Give your sandals a bath. If you do nothing else, dunk your sandals in some warm water and mild soap every few weeks if you’re planning on keeping them in top form for a long time. It can be the difference between your sandals outlasting you and having to toss them in a few years. Just do it. Seriously.


2. Get scrubbing. Machines are overrated for this part—pick up a soft-bristled brush instead and scrub the grit out of the top of the sandal sole. Rinse and repeat if they’re extra grimy.

3. Air-dry your sandals. Some of our sandals are treated with our secret sauce, which is formulated to help cut down on bacterial growth. It works best when your sandals are exposed to sunlight for 15 minutes—but no longer—every few weeks or so, so sit your sandals in the sun for a few after washing them.


4. Repeat every two to four weeks.

More options:

  1. Soap not cutting it? Mix a cup of antibacterial mouthwash in two cups of water and let your sandals soak for 15 minutes. Scrub, rinse, let air dry.
  2. Put your sandals in a pool or hot tub with chlorine for 20 minutes. Or just jump in and practice laps while you’re wearing them.
  3. Wash them in the shower with shampoo. Once clean, stick your sandals in a sealable plastic bag and freeze overnight.


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