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“I’ve loved the outdoors ever since I was a baby. I’m from Los Angeles, where we have every variety of outdoors: beach, mountains, the desert. I’ve always loved being a part of it.”

Singer/songwriter Jhené Aiko was signed to her first record label when she was just a teenager and has since blossomed into a Grammy-nominated artist, but it’s not the studio nor the stage where she draws her inspiration—it’s adventure.

Born and raised in the heart of Los Angeles, California, Aiko has spent her entire life pursuing travel as a form of self-discovery and connection to the natural world. So it’s fitting that it was during one of her sojourns in Hawaii when she discovered Teva.


“I was going on the Road to Hana, which is a full-day trip where you stop at different sights,” she remembers. “I was out shopping and I knew I needed some new sandals. I mentioned to the person working at the store that I wanted a sandal and she pulled out a [pair of] Tevas. They were perfect for the trip. We were hiking up to waterfalls and the grip was amazing and I didn’t slip once. It was my first time doing a hike like that, with water, and it was the perfect sandal.”

When she landed back in Los Angeles, she did what anyone with social media savvy might do: she double-tapped Teva on Instagram.


Pictured (from left): Original Universal, Flatform Universal, Hurricane XLT.

“I’m all about exploring and connecting with nature and I think Teva does a good job of representing that. When I first got the sandals, as a true millennial, I followed Teva on social media. The posts were encouraging people to wear their Teva and post where they are in the world. Whenever I see anyone who’s excited about getting outside and being active, that’s exciting for me.”

The rest, as they say, is history. The Teva X Jhené Aiko Collection was designed with adventure in mind, a three-piece capsule—styles include the Original Universal, the Hurricane XLT, and the Flatform— inspired by the friendship bracelets that she makes and built for all of life’s journeys.


“I think traveling and putting yourself in different places and situations helps you understand yourself better,” says Aiko. “I think that you’re always drawn to the places that are where you’re supposed to be in that moment. Life is full of many trips.”


And when it comes to the limited-edition collection, Aiko isn’t afraid to play favorites.

“My favorite is the Flatform. I’m 5’2”—people think I’m 5’1” but I’m 5’2”—so this gives me a little more height!” she laughs. “When you’re walking on them, you feel an extra pep in your step. My music is definitely inspired by life. Whatever I’m wearing I want it to feel like my music. To be easy going and comfortable, relatable.”

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