Journal: An Ode to the Cabin

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Words and photos by Kylie Fly.

The Fly family cabin has always been a special place — a place of refuge. These are the landscapes I grew up exploring, the sacred-to-me mountains of Cascade, Idaho. Fields of wildflowers that once towered over my head now reach the middle of my shins. My memories are filled with the smell of campfire in the air, skin covered in lumpy mosquito bites and knobby knees cut up from running through the tall grass until the sun went down.

Cabin in meadow

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Kylie Fly on cabin porch wearing Teva Rope

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Many nights were spent snuggling on the couch next to Grandpa and Dad, or swaying on the homemade porch swing until I fell asleep. The smell of gasoline from four-wheelers and motorcycles was a sure sign that fun was to be had, as each sibling fought for the next trail ride up West Mountain. We came, and continue to come, as a family to escape the monotony of life at home, reconnecting with ourselves and those we love the most. We’re a tight knit family, the kind that likes to both play and relax together.


“Scenes from the family cabin are engrained deep into our consciousness, woven into our souls. This place is a part of who we are. It’s not just a cabin, it’s a home away from home.”


When my dad was a young buck, he built the cabin with his own two hands alongside his two older brothers and father. They slaved away in the heat of July, sun beating on their backs and sweat dripping down their necks, piecing together what would, for years to come, be a special place for our family to reunite. Every summer the cabin beckons us home from where we all now live, spread throughout the United States.








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This July, we spent most of our time on the lake floating in tubes and drifting down mellow river rapids on little rafts. Not far from there are several reservoirs and alpine lakes to fish, just a short hike from the trailhead or off a dusty old forest road on the west side of the mountain. Days tick by slowly here; service is sporadic and time moves at a leisurely pace. It’s exactly the kind of vacation every soul needs in the summertime.


“Service is sporadic and time moves at a leisurely place. It’s exactly the kind of vacation every soul needs in the summertime.”


Every time I come to Cascade, I am reminded of how, though time may pass, some things never change. We are getting older, now grown and having families of our own, yet the cabin remains the same.





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Within these walls, people have fallen in love and filled the Brady-Bunch-style beds in the loft upstairs with friends and family alike. We still tiptoe down the rickety old stairs early in the morning, with the aroma of Grandpa Fly’s famous sourdough pancakes floating up into the air. This place fills the sounds and smells of summer, and it will forever feel like home.


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