Live Better Stories and “Unfollow” With Adventure Photographer Chris Burkhard

Challenging the status quo has always been part of Teva’s history. Our latest breakthrough, TevaSphere, is an example of how flouting convention leads to innovation. ‘Unfollow’ celebrates nonconformity by encouraging us all to step outside our comfort zones, take the lead, and discover how rewarding the unbeaten path can be. “The Unfollow campaign could really be about anything—the smallest unfollow thing you could ever dream of like just getting out of your chair, moving your arms and breathing in some fresh air outside of your office. You don’t have to do some grandiose thing to be an unfollower. It’s all about the little things and the small ways that we can do things differently,” adds Amy Stanfield, Teva’s senior marketing manager and radical unfollower.

We kick off the Unfollow series with an inspirational video about adventure photographer and Teva ambassador, Chris Burkard. These days it seems like Burkard leaves no stone unturned as he travels the world with some of the most inspiring athletes. “Over the past couple years I’ve worked with Teva, I have always felt that their motto ‘Live Better Stories’ has fit with my personal style for photography and general approach to life,” he adds. How does Chris unfollow? “I choose to take the path less traveled. I would rather cut my own trail and let my work take me places I have never been before than follow in someone else’s footsteps.”



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