Live Better Stories and “Unfollow” With Big Wave Surfer Jamie Sterling

Last week we kicked off our Unfollow series with a short look into the life of adventure photographer, Chris Burkard. He shared some insightful thoughts with us as to how he chose the road less traveled. We really have to give it to the guy. How else is someone supposed to snap such epic shots from such unimaginable angles?

Next up is big-wave surfer, Jamie Sterling. He calls the Hawaiian Islands home for good reason. The waters that surround these eight land masses in the Pacific are not only Jamie’s playground, but they’ve also fostered a very unique talent that led Sterling to turn his passion of surfing big waves into his profession.

Surfing walls of water is for the few and fearless; it takes rigorous training to give someone the ability to outrun Mother Nature. Threaded through his lifestyle is the idea that “If you listen to your heart, it will lead to bigger and better things,” Sterling says. “It’s good to listen to other people, but it’s more important to listen to yourself, especially if it means to unfollow.”


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