Make the Most of Winter With These Cold-Weather Sports

Girl blowing snow kiss
see? Snow isn’t all bad.

If the thought of scraping ice off your car windshield one more time has you seriously considering hibernation, take heart—winter has its perks, too. Sometimes the quickest way to give January doll-drums a swift kick is with a flood of exercise endorphins. So pull on the puffy coat and get sweaty with these pulse-pounding, perma-grin inducing winter sports (even if they do require defrosting the car):


Ice Climbing

The winter sport of choice for rock climbers, nothing beats the primal feeling of hoisting yourself up a chunk of frozen water using axes and spikes on your feet. The bonus? You can use most of the gear you bought for summer climbing—just add ice.


Winter Kayaking

If you live near a body of water that doesn’t freeze completely, squeeze into your warmest wetsuit and some waterproof boots and gloves and take a float trip in your kayak or canoe for a feeling of arctic adventure that you can fit in during your lunch break.



Dig out your parents’ old wooden shoes or invest in your own hi-tech version and go for a brisk walk up a local trail, keeping in mind you’ll need to step a little wider to avoid tripping yourself. Think of it like power walking, snowman style.


Cross-Country Skiing

Unlike regular skiing, there are fewer down hill rides when you use a groomed cross-country track. Try hiking local trails using your skis, but make sure you have control of them before you try any descents as most of these skis don’t come with rails.


Ice Skating

Most cities freeze small sections of water and keep it that way for ice skaters—yep, even in 80-degree Los Angeles. Invite your friends out for a night on the ice and show off the skills you mastered back in elementary school, no sequins required.


Winter Trail Running

There’s nothing like the feeling off fending off winter blues with pounding footsteps and two lungs full of cold air. Invest in a pair of micro-spikes or crampons built specifically for running to avoid slipping on ice and snow, and buy some sweat-wicking layers, including socks and underwear.


Chilly toes? Show them some winter lovin’ with our cold-weather boots and shoes.

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