Mike Dawson Dispatches From Green Race, A Kayaking Racer’s Favorite

I just landed back in The Netherlands after an amazing trip to the USA. I was there for the 2012 Green Race and a smaller even in Kentucky called the “Lord of the Fork”. The Green Race was held last Saturday and is one of the sweetest events I’ve raced in. Tons of people make the grueling 1 hour 30 min hike into the gorge to water the carnage and clean lines on this gnarly section of river. It’s basically a grassroots event that started 17 years ago and has morphed into one of the toughest most competitive races on the planet with over 240 start times.

The unique thing about the Green Race is that we are racing a 4 meter long boat specially designed for this piece of whitewater. I was fired up for the race the moment I got my new Liquid Logic Stinger. The race is about 4 min 30 seconds and you are battling fatigue and some quite gnarly rapids the entire way. I had won this event in 2010, but was unable to attend it last year and after watching the local guys in training I was convinced it would be a long shot to come up with the goods again.

On race day everything went according to plan. I had smooth clean lines at the unusually high water which caught a bunch of people off guard. A few mistakes by the locals meant I came out on top and won the converted  “Green race glass trophy ” which is hand made and unique to each years race. Check out the full results here.

2012 Green River Narrows Race Aerial Coverage and Event Wrap Up from Amongst It on Vimeo.

I’ve uploaded a bit of a news item of the USA to my blog.

The Green Race was also the final stage of the AWP world series. Unfortunately, due to the Olympics I was only able to attend 3 of the 6 races with 4 counting, but managed to accumulate enough points to come in 2nd place behind Frenchman Eric Deguil and just ahead of Evan Garcia (USA). The full AWP results are here.

I now have 10 days for some rest and relaxation in Europe before I am off to Chile for the Whitewater Grand Prix. This will be a huge event—there’s a full media team heading down to cover it and make sure the amazing images and footage from the event gets out to the world. Stay tuned for some updates from Chile. Check out the event website here.

—by Mike Dawson

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