You Are Mine, and I Am Yours

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Words and photos by Teva Explorer Kylie Fly.

It all started more than a decade ago, when Lisa followed her heart to work with children. She’d always been a natural mother, having been the middle triplet smashed between Megan and I, Lisa was born to nurture. We can always count on her as Mama Bear to pull the bottom of our T-shirts back when we’re getting close to a cliff edge or to make sure we’re wide awake for long drives alone. She knows how to watch out for the people she loves. Naturally, becoming a nanny was the perfect fit for her.


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After years of working with children, her biggest dream was to become a mother to her own and after struggling to get pregnant, she and her husband decided to adopt. Motherhood was the greatest gift she could fathom, and when the pieces finally began to fall together, she knew she’d been connected to a daughter who was meant to be hers.

The moment Lisa became a mother was when she held her newborn daughter in her arms for the first time. Lisa and her husband named the little girl Remi, and as she grew older, they explained to their daughter the story of her adoption and the immediate connection they saw reflected back through her two chocolaty eyes.


“They were connected. Lisa looked down at her daughter and whispered, ‘You are mine, and I am yours.’”


Being a mother is everything to Lisa. She spends every waking and dreaming moment thinking of her child. When you speak with Lisa about motherhood, her face lights up and her eyes go wide. Lisa emphasizes how she will teach her daughter, Remi, now a year old, to love herself and others. How as a mother, you put your child’s needs before your own. Parenting demands selflessness; your world is no longer just yours, but your child’s, too. “I” becomes “we” and “mine” becomes “theirs.”

“You hear people talk about this type of unconditional love,” Lisa says, “but now that I’m finally a mother the meaning is so clear. Love just makes more sense.” She goes on to explain that motherhood is different than other things we love, such as travel, hobbies and the pursuit of our own interests. It’s everlasting, selfless, wholesome and good.

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When asked to describe motherhood in three words, Lisa quickly spouted out “divine, joyous and fun.” Becoming a parent didn’t stop Lisa from continuing to do the things she loves. She continues to say “yes” to adventure even when it means they’re harder and take significantly longer to prepare for (you get really good at learning how to plan for anything, and it’s always well worth the effort).

“Never give up, because motherhood looks different for everyone,” Lisa says. “There’s no right or wrong way to be a mother. Whether that means adoption, IVF, foster care or simply being an Auntie — you can be a mother if you want to be. Embrace your individual journey and face it with courage, because when you want something bad enough, you won’t give up until you get it.”

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