The History of the Deckers Flip

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Does this flip flop look familiar? If you said yes, you’re right—it’s the iconic Deckers Flip sandal from the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.


A few decades ago, our design team imagined this multi-layered rainbow style of flip flop to fill in that “Space Below Your Feet,” and it quickly became the go-to shoe for, well, pretty much everything. The shoe earned the nickname “deckers” by Hawaiian surfers in the ‘70s, and the name just stuck.


Now, again inspired by surf culture and sun-washed vintage hues, we’re reintroducing the Deckers Flip in five new colors, including the classic rainbow style. Crafted from smooth, luxe materials and cut in our most ergonomic fit, these limited edition sandals are made to fit the space below your feet—and whatever adventure you have in mind.


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