#Ready2Roo 2014: Instagram Guest Blogger Lindsay Perry

This week we handed the keys to the @Teva Instagram account over to Lindsay Perry, a 25-year-old surfer, artist, musician and festival lover who’s on a perpetual adventure all over the world. Here, we grill her on all things musical:


Favorite music festival: The Frendly Gathering in Vermont. It’s a rad festival a few of my friends in the snowboarding industry put on every year.


What does music mean to you?

Everything. It’s my bloodline, my heartbeat and what keeps me going. Being a musician, I’ve had the true blessing to travel the world and play in some rad places, meet some beautiful people and see some gifted artists.


What music festivals do you steer clear of?

I’m not really into EDM festivals—anything with a bunch of crazy kids on sedatives or festivals that are so chaotic; I’ll go into an anxiety ridden panic attack. I think that about sums it up!


Go-to festival outfit: Anything comfortable and funky—the least amount of friction, the better. I feel like it’s the best when you can be stylish and practical. Festivals are hot, messy and so much fun. I want to get dirty and dance!

Best road trip of your life: My road trip through Europe with the Billabong crew was epic! Two weeks of shooting and traveling through France and Italy. Second would be a recent trip with my new (and incredible) photographer Gunner Hughes through the Florida Keys. Who knew there was so much waiting for me in my backyard!


Most memorable concert moment: The Frendly Gathering last year was so fun. It rained for 2 full days straight; we were soaking wet, covered in mud and didn’t have a care in the world. All of our friends’ tents collapses and everyone slept on the muddy ground. It was epic.


Best road trip song: That’s so tough! I usually make playlists for everything—I love Hypem for road trip music.


Workout song: Electric Guest’s “This Head That I Hold;” Rai Knight’s “New New.”


Favorite band to see live: Silversun Pickups! They were incredible, best live show ever.


Worst live show: Oh man, too many to name. Courtney Love was an inebriated hot mess. I saw Alkaline Trio (not voluntarily) opening for Rancid…needless to say, they were absolutely atrocious. Pretty sure they dislike their own music as much as I dislike their music.

If you could have any song play every time you enter a room, which would it be?

“New New” by Rai Knight or “The Joker” by Steve Miller Band (I’m requesting this to be played at my funeral, ha!).


What keeps you inspired?

Music! Fashion, playing outside, the ocean, traveling, friends…oh, and coffee.


What’s the best spontaneous adventure you’ve ever had?

Hopping aboard my friend’s tour bus on a whim. I woke up in Atlanta (whoops!) with Hurricane Sandy barreling up the coast and I casually forgot that I needed to be in the studio the next day. Oh, to be young.


Listen to Lindsay’s music at vimeo.com/lindsea and soundcloud.com/lindsea. Get her Original Universal sandals here

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