#Ready2Roo 2014: Last Minute Festival Outfit Ideas

We get it. Not everyone plans his or her festival looks months in advance—it is about the music, after all. Here are some last minute ideas for comfortable and cool Roo-ready outfits that will beat the heat (but cause some serious heat waves).



Dress in light colors that reflect the sun, but keep a lightweight jacket or shirt tied around your waist for chilly nights. Don’t forget protective sunnies and a hat. We love flip-flops since you can pop them on and off easily around the tent.

Photo: Lows to Luxe



A grown-up print keeps board shorts from looking too young, and a sleeveless top will fend off the heat.

Photo: Closet Freaks



Chambray is a look that never gets old. Top it off with a wide-brimmed hat, comfortable walking shoes and a waterproof bag and there’s not much you won’t be prepared for!



Opt for quick-drying fabrics so that if you do get sweaty, it won’t show (and you won’t get cold once the sun goes down). Cue up a baseball T-shirt and some matching sandals for a casual look that beats the heat.



Jean shorts are a Bonnaroo staple, but we like to keep the look classic and cool with a top that shows a little less skin (but still lets a breeze roll in thanks to sheer, lacy sleeves). Gradient sunglasses add color to an otherwise washed-out look. Don’t forget a vintage satchel to stash your SPF in.

Photo: Damsel in Dior

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