Rynell Cook Completes the #Teva365 Challenge!

A year is a long time—and no one knows that better than our Associate Product Line Manager, Rynell Cook. Last year she challenged herself to wear one pair of Teva shoes every single day for a full 365-day span (a feat made easier by her impressive collection of 28 styles!). “It was definitely harder than I thought!” she says. “There were certain days I thought, “Oh my God, this is a huge commitment—what did I get myself into?’ However, given the fact that I have a variety of Teva shoes made it doable!” Today marks the final day of the #Teva365 challenge, which means that if you’re looking to invest in your first pair of Teva shoes, Cook can give you a fully field-tested recommendation: “Definitely our Teva Flips or the Teva Originals—the perfect strap-on-and-go sandal.” Here, a look at her year in Teva shoes:

“In Chicago fro the Cubs game with friends. This place is my all-time favorite beer garden.”

“Meet Livy, our new Chocolate Lab puppy. Like momma, like daughter.”

“My goal in life: to live off the land.”

“Insane to think that I fell off my bike and broke my wrist at 11 years old and also did it again here at 30 years old.”

“My first trip to Cabo with my boyfriend’s family. They started going to Cabo before it was ‘commercial’ Cabo.”

“May is Bike to Work month and last year my boyfriend and I rode to and from work nearly every Friday.”

“I stopped and asked a stranger (wearing Keen sandals) to take my picture in Chicago. Of course I told him my whole #Teva365 story and he said he was inspired to swap his Keen for Teva!”

 “Teva on ice in Vail…why not?”

“Do you know when you’re stuck in a work conference room for eight hours working hard…or hardly working?”

“Dressing for our fancy holiday party was probably the hardest day to wear Teva.”

“I moved to California from Chicago nearly three years ago and love going back to visit.”

“How can you not love this place? Coachella: expect the unexpected.”

“The coolest thing I’ve done with my Teva Originals: Get one of my favorite band’s autograph (Kitten)!”

“I must have worked with plants in my past life.”

“My first DIY Teva sandals for the 4th of July!”


Time to take on your own challenge—how many different ways can you wear Teva shoes? Tag us on Instagram @teva #originalstyle and you could be featured on the Ember blog! 

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