How to Prioritize Self Care During the Holidays

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Teva Explorer Kate Rentz continues her exploration of self love through a series of self-portraits and a “wish book” that adapts her childhood holiday spirit for her grown-up seasonal needs.

Words and photos by Kate Rentz.

When I was younger, I couldn’t wait for the Sears Wish Book to arrive in the mail so I could circle all the gifts I wanted for Christmas. I didn’t hold back on my asks and circled something on almost every page. When we’re young, we don’t judge what it is we want because all we can think about is how much happiness that new gift will bring us.




“With these wants and needs in mind I wanted to create images, by way of self portraits, that embody joy, fulfillment, and self love for Teva,” says Kate. “Because being cozy and comfortable is a top priority for me during these cold winter months, I wanted to shoot the latest Ember Moc VelvetEmber Moc Wool, Midform Universal Holiday Sandals.”

As we get older, we set those wants aside because we think they’re silly, or that we don’t deserve them. We often forget that when we’re fulfilled, it has an effect on everyone around us.  We’re able to give more and love better when we’re kind and loving to ourselves.



Kate wears the Teva Women’s Ember Moc Wool

These days, my list includes things like “take more hot baths” and “go out dancing at least once a month!”  As simple as these things sound, they’re often the hardest to give to myself. I have a bad habit of being scattered and wanting to do too much, but when I slow down and say “yes” to the things I love and “no” to the things I don’t, I enjoy myself and the things around me so much more! Especially during the holidays.



Pictured: The Teva Women’s Midform Universal Holiday sandals.

During the holiday season, we get so busy with the hustle and bustle of doing and giving that we often forget to slow down for some necessary self love and care. That can look different for each one of us depending on what it is we need and what makes us feel whole. Sometimes it can be hard to know what those things are, but if we think hard and give ourselves the freedom to be honest with our needs, we can have the best holiday season yet.



I chose to pair Teva Holiday styles with fabrics and pieces that felt colorful and vibrant and locations and spaces that felt calm and relaxing. I wanted to create a way to celebrate, not just the holidays, but myself and the things I want and need.” Kate wears the Ember Moc Velvet. 

So this year, I made the grown-up version of a Wish Book, making sure not to judge what it is I want this holiday season. I’ve put them into three different categories: mind, body, and spirit.  Here they are.


– Take a Spanish Class.

– Read more biographies of people you admire.

– Learn how to make music.

– Buy tickets to a play.

– Buy a membership to an art or history museum.

– Listen to music that gives me goosebumps.


– Feed my body with whole, organic foods.

– Drink more water.

– Go out dancing at least once a month.

– Find a new place to hike once a week.

– Take more relaxing baths.

– Ride my bike.

– Go to bed early.


– Meditate before bed.

– Spend at least an hour alone outside every day.

– Book an Airbnb within driving distance and take myself on a mini-vacation for a night.

– Road trip to a new destination.

– Write daily affirmations to remind myself that I am loved.

– Write letters and thank-you cards to those that have impacted me and encouraged me.

– Say no to activities that make me tired, conversations that aren’t life giving, and busy work that just isn’t necessary.

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