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Words and photos by Tara Rock.

A lot has happened this year. I’ve gone on a few international trips, a handful of epic adventures, worked with some pretty cool people, surfed my heart out, watched part of our island get consumed by (and grow from) the Kīlauea Volcano, and survived a hurricane.

Oh, and I got pregnant.




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Right now, I’m about two weeks out from my due date. I thought I would have the luxury of going on a “babymoon,” but between editing photos, moving our entire lives to another island, selling our house, going to doctor appointments, and growing a baby, it just didn’t happen.






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Still, after some of the dust settled, my husband, Tyler, our dog, Annie, and I carved out the time to go on a mellow adventure together. Tyler’s parents have a little cottage up in the mountains just outside Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii, but unfortunately, the park itself is closed due to overactive volcanic activity. Fortunately, there are some mellow trails surrounding the cottage and we got to enjoy good weather (and good company) over the weekend. Fitting, considering I am hugely pregnant and can’t do very much.



Pregnancy is wild. Although it’s a unique and beautiful process, it’s also been a struggle for me. I can’t do the same things I used to or be as active or adventurous as I always have been.

I had to stop surfing at five months. I waddle at a very slow pace when I walk. I was ordered to take mandatory naps by my midwife. I want to continue surfing, going on hikes, traveling, and being adventurous but I am physically unable to. It took me a really long time (try two weeks from my due date long) to finally accept all this.




But there is something very beautiful about slowing down and appreciating these last moments on my own and with Tyler. Soon, we will have a little baby to share the world — and a plane seat — with. Let’s just hope he can fit into some baby Teva sandals sooner rather than later!


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