Worn Well: Socks and Sandals Part II

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Socks and sandals: the lovechild of carefree summer comfort and cozy cool-weather sensibilities. In protest of cold toes, we reinvented gramps’ fashion faux pas with cooler textures, edgier colors, and mix-and-match patterns. You know what side of the fashion debate we stand on, which begs the questions: Where have you planted your feet. Hold that though — get inspired by the sartorial creativity of some of our most stylish friends and their take on #SocksAnd Sandals (check out Part 1 for more).


Denny Balmaceda



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How did you style your socks and Teva sandals?

I was inspired by Japanese workwear. The mixture of a long denim pinstripe topcoat and wide-leg work pants perfectly executes what I was going for. I love experimenting with style by putting pieces together that wouldn’t normally go together, like a basketball jersey with skinny jeans and cowboy boots, or suits and sneakers. Someone has to start something for it to become a trend. It’s all about pushing the envelope.

Carla Florendo



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Pairing the two is still something of a polarizing fashion statement. Why do you rock the look?

My style is all about being comfortable yet still looking cool and I think that’s exactly what the socks and sandals trend is all about.


Steven Onoja



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Pairing socks and sandals is a statement look. Why does that combo mesh with your style?

I’m always interesting in trying something new and taking risks — without risks, there would be no rewards. I actually wear sandals a lot during the summer and now that fall is upon us, I get to wear them and have my feet stay warm.

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