Worn Well: Socks and Sandals, Part I

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Socks and sandals: the lovechild of carefree summer comfort and cozy cool-weather sensibilities. In protest of cold toes, we reinvented gramps’ fashion faux pas with cooler textures, edgier colors, and mix-and-match patterns. You know what side of the fashion debate we stand on, which begs the question: Where have you planted your feet? Hold that thought — get inspired by the sartorial creativity of six of our most stylish friends and their take on #SocksAndSandals.


Evelynn Escobar Thomas

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Pairing socks and sandals is still something of a polarizing fashion statement. Why do you rock the look?

I think it’s polarizing only because it’s not commonly done right. I rock the look because it’s comfortable and allows me to show off the cooler socks in my collection.

Anthony Urbano


How did you style your socks and Teva sandals?

I wanted to play up the athletic feel of the Teva Hurricane with its more rugged sole, so I went for a sporty look in track pants and a crewneck.  I’m also a fan of bold colors and patterns so I made sure to incorporate that in my look as well.

D’Ara Nazaryan


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Socks and sandals are an unexpected style combo. What are some of your other favorite surprising fashion combos?

I’m a repeat denim on denim offender for life! But I recently stumbled upon the term “lampshading,” which refers to pairing thigh-high boots with an oversized top. Though I tend to rock flats for the most part, I’m up for switching it up for the sexy and slouchy look.

Jordan Lyle 


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Why wear socks and sandals? 

For me, I think it’s less about the fact that I’m wearing sandals and socks but more specifically about having the confidence to feel comfortable in whatever I decide to put on. With the right details and attitude, you can make whatever you’re wearing a statement as opposed to a mistake.

Kandace Banks

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How did you style your socks and Teva sandals?

I’m always wearing white and other soft colors, so I decided to go with that vibe with a jacket and trousers. I love keeping it simple. Pink and white complimented the deep blue sandals so well, in my opinion. And of course, I had to have New York City as my backdrop.

McArthur Joseph 


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Why does the socks-and-sandals combination work with your style?

I like to have fun with fashion and mix things up. This is an unconventional way of pulling together an outfit, but I think it looks dope and that’s all that matters to me.

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