How To Wear Socks and Sandals Six Ways

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By now, we’ve seen the socks-and-Teva-sandals combo used as a styling tool everywhere from the runways at New York Fashion Week to the trails at Denali National Park. Whether you opt for cozy wool socks with Hurricane XLT2 sandals around the campfire or colorful socks with the bold prints of the Original Universal, the ubiquitous look is as easy to style as it is to wear. Need proof? Heed the advice of these six bloggers as they take on socks and sandals for fall.


Francy Bernard wearing the Teva Indio Whip on a set of steps in the city.


“Graphic tees and track pants are my go-to when I’m trying to stay comfy and stylish. The cherry on top of this cozy fit is this socks-and-sandals combo taking comfort to the next level.”  Francy Bernard in the Women’s Indio Whip.



“Can’t take a knee because I’m wearing Off-White. Thank you to Teva for the sandals to help me complete this socks and sandals combo.” — Toreno Winn in the Men’s Hurricane XLT2 Sankuanz.



“I’m obsessed with neon accents at the moment and these Teva sandals put the perfect touch on my sporty, cozy vibe.” — Elizabeth De La Piedra in the Women’s Original Universal.



“I honestly can’t wait for the leaves to start changing color and for fall weather to be in full effect. Who else is going to be wearing socks and sandals this fall season? I know I will be!”  Oliver Owen in the Men’s Hurricane XLT2.


“I don’t know why this outfit just made me think of The Handmaid’s Tale, my favorite series at the moment. I’ve been wanting to try this cool trend, which I’ve seen on so many European runways — the perfect mix for this awesome pink dress.” Aude-Julie “AJ” Alingue in the Women’s Indio Jewell.


“Prints, color, socks and sandals. September is the best time to try new things. Mine is socks and sandals. My cozy look is perfect for this windy September.” — AJ wears the Indio Whip.



“I love wearing my Teva sandals after a long hike. They look so cute, as well as comfy, paired with my hiking socks. Turns out socks and sandals are the perfect adventure combo.” — Kelsey Johnson in the Women’s Universal Premier

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