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Sisters Kylie, Lisa and Megan have a lot in common. Besides their love for camping, hiking, and exploring the outdoors, they’ve collectively traveled to more than 30 countries. Oh, and they’re also identical triplets.

“We are sisters who love to travel but love each other even more,” says photographer and videographer Kylie of her sisters Lisa, a jewelry designer, and Megan, the owner of a watch company.

When they aren’t ticking far-flung locales like Andorra, Ecuador, Haiti, and Thailand off their bucket list together, the triplets, who run the blog Hope You Like Fresh Air, live in very different places—and it’s their varied surroundings that’s led them to develop distinctly different styles to match. So who better to take some of our favorite fall boot styles, the De La Vina, for a test drive? Here’s how three identical sisters worked our boots into their individual looks.


Kylie in the De La Vina Ankle


How She Wore Them: Kylie likes to be as comfortable as possible and is often drawn to greys, neutrals and earthy tones. “Sometimes my sisters say my style is boring, but it works for me!” she says. “Overalls are the epitome of comfort, and a good grey shirt is my go-to these days. My brown Teva De La Vina ankle boots fit into by wardrobe seamlessly, making any getting ready process quick and painless.”


Where She Wore Them: Silver Creek, Idaho.


Her Sister Style: “It’s safe to say we love it all, from a rocker vibe to beachy boho, to everything between,” explains Kylie. “Out of the three of us, I’d say I play it the safest and don’t go wild with color or pattern. I love nothing more than to raid my sister’s closets when I visit them. They do all the creative thinking and styling for me!”



Lisa in the De La Vina Low

How She Wore Them: Living in Southern California, Lisa is all about clothes that breathe. “As summer is transitioning into fall, a white cotton dress with a light, sandy colored sweater is the perfect recipe for an evening stroll on the beach,” she says.


Where She Wore Them: Ponto Beach, Encinitas, California.

Her Sister Style: “A lot of the way we each dress is influenced by where we live,” says Lisa. “I am inspired by beach fashion but also by my travel and hobbies. Get me in a T-shirt and flowy pants and I’m good to go!”



Megan in the Foxy

How She Wore Them: “With all black!” Megan says. “Ripped skinny jeans for an edgier look, a simple black tee, and a denim shirt tied around my waist for a pop of color.” Her black Foxy boots paired with gold accessories helped her complete her simple but interesting tomboy-inspired look.


Where She Wore Them: Freak Alley Art District, Boise, Idaho.


Her Sister Style: “As we have been apart and lived in different places, we have picked up new ideas on how we feel most comfortable dressing,” says Megan. “For me, it depends on the day. I wanted something simple and cool that could easily transfer from day to night. These boots are so comfortable and can be dressed up or down, which is why I love them. They go with everything.”


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