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Words and photos by Teva Explorer Tara Rock.

I’ve lived my entire life on an island surrounded by water. I am a lady slider, a Pisces. I frequent waterfalls often, and I even try to drink at least 32 ounces of water every day. I like to think I was made for the water and I want my personal style to match. I like fashion that’s easy, comfortable and will accommodate my ocean-to-land lifestyle.



Shop the Women’s Arrowood. 



Shop the Women’s Arrowood.

If I have to wear shoes, I want them to be the closest thing to being barefoot. The Teva Arrowood Collection styles are just that. The Arrowood boots are the lightest shoes I own and they kind of feel like lifesaving devices when I am trekking or swimming between waterfalls. They float really well — which sort of takes being “waterproof” to a whole new level. They don’t get that gross, squishy feeling when they get wet and you have to keep hiking (you all know what I’m talking about. It’s the worst).


Shop the Women’s Arrowood



Shop the Men’s Arrowood Mid



Shop the Men’s Arrowood Mid.

Recently, I decided I don’t like wearing shoes with laces. Now, give me a second to explain myself: In Hawaiʻi, we always take off our shoes when we’re going in and out of the house. Going through the hassle of lacing and unlacing my shoes is like Clark Griswold untangling the Christmas lights in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. However, I’ll make exceptions for the Arrowood shoes and boots because they are not only comfortable as heck, but they’ve got such slick, easy laces that they’re practically not even laces!

Several of Tyler’s friends started bidding for his pair of Arrowood Mid boots while we went on our little kayaking adventure. I won’t tell you how much the winning bid was, but that’s kind of a big deal for a bunch of barefoot Hawaiian boys who rarely wear shoes.


Shop the entire Arrowood Family at Teva.com and show us how you #StrapIntoFreedom on Instagram @Teva!

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