Teva 365: One Woman, One Year, A Whole Lot Of Shoes

When you work at Teva, you tend to accumulate a lot of shoes—it’s just a byproduct of getting up close and personal with all of the different styles on a daily basis (and that generous company discount, of course). No one knows this better than Rynell Cook, our Associate Product Line Manager, who’s racked up an impressive 28 pairs of Teva styles. Inspired by an editorial from Refinery29 that featured the Teva Originals, Cook decided to put our shoes to the ultimate test: she’d commit to wear one pair of Teva shoes every single day for an entire year. Her blogging project is called Teva365 and Cook has less than 100 days to go to meet her goal, so we had to know: Can she pull if off?

So how did you come up with the idea to wear Teva shoes for an entire year? After seeing the [Refinery29] blog post “12 New Ways to Wear Tevas in NYC”, I was inspired to do something similar on my own Instagram account. Then I thought, if I start a blog, a one-year challenge and hashtag #teva365, I could utilize my love for photography, love for style and my creativity to hopefully create more awareness about our wide range of shoes, sandals and boots. I was also hoping that I might somehow inspire others to wear Teva, too.


When did it start and when does it end?

I started my first day last summer on July 10, 2013. So, as of yesterday, 265 days ago. So, if you’re reading this, please follow me as I countdown to my last 100 days!

What are the “rules”? Can you wear other shoes throughout the day or just your Teva?

Of course I definitely wear Teva every day or at least at some point in the day! It’s funny, people definitely call me out when I’m not wearing Teva and some friends actually call me “Teva365” as a new nickname. I love it.


How many pairs do you own?

Ha, funny question especially when I tell you that I’m sample size (size seven). I also get a generous corporate discount so as of now the rolling count is 28 pairs. You should see my closet(s).


Has it been difficult to do so far, or easier than expected?

Good question, it’s been far more difficult, or rather time consuming, than I thought. I assumed it would be such an easy task but some days I realize that I forgot to take a picture at 11pm or I feel silly asking strangers to take my picture. Once I explain my mission, people become intrigued. I give a ton of credit to my boyfriend, co-workers, family and friends for becoming “professional photographers” during this journey!


Do you ever look at your other shoes and just go “Ah I wish I could wear you today!”

 Oh for sure! I love getting dolled up, going to galas or on date night and wearing other shoes time to time, but also think that’s part of my job, “product research.” I also really love to know what’s currently trending and who’s wearing who.

So now that you’ve gotten a lot of use of your Teva shoes, which are your favorites and why?

Absolutely 100 percent my Teva Original Universals.  I really enjoy the Original Universal and Original Sandals because they’re colorful and clearly they’re the ultimate versatile sandals for spring, summer, travel, festivals, river floats…you name it! I also love the DeLaVina boots; they’re made with waterproof leather, not to mention that they’re cute and go with any outfit!


So tell us more about you! What do you do when you aren’t at work—we know you love gardening?

Oh, yeah, another personal goal is to someday live off the land… I’m getting there!  I also really enjoy traveling and music. I’m always discovering up-and-coming bands, going to shows, festivals, and singing in the car. Me without music is like a fish without water. I’m off to Coachella in a couple of weeks and I’m stoked about the lineup, hanging with friends, soaking up the sun and just “LTD,” living the dream. I also love long walks on the beach.

Has anyone else expressed interest in doing something similar to #Teva365?

I haven’t seen something similar yet other than the #100happydays most recently. It’s a great concept where people use the hashtag for their 100-day challenge to show their friends and family what makes them happy. I also strive to live with gratitude each and every day. I haven’t mentioned this but March marked my 18th year “cancerversary.”  I went through nearly two years of chemotherapy and surgery and I’m proud to say that I beat a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma, which ironically was found in my left foot. So, in some of my photos, you’ll see me showing off my eight toes! Today, I’m incredibly healthy and happy.


Follow the last days of Cook’s challenge at  or, #teva365. Start your own challenge by tagging your photos #teva! 

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