Teva Cardboard Race

For most of the spectators—and even the participants—the highlight and most exciting part of the 2012 European Championships was to watch was the Teva Cardboard Boat Race.

In the middle of the finals day there was a big long break. In this time paddlers, locals and all kinds of creatures were supplied with tape and cardboard to put together the best and most imaginative boats they could.

When the building time was up all the Lienz locals and most of the competitiore gathered to see what crazy crafts would be racing down the mighty Drau through the hole this year!

Some sank on entry while others survive multiple runs. For most it was all about the fun and creativity which is at the heart of it what these events should be about.

I’m not sure who won but I think these photos will give you a good idea of what went down.

—by James ‘Pringle’ Bebbington




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