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When you give someone Teva, you’re gifting more than a pair of sandals—you’re inspiring new adventures. So we asked the members of our Explorers Collective to choose the Teva sandals and slides that best compliment their style of adventure and curated a gift guide to help you pick the perfect pair for everyone on your holiday list.

What’s adventure without a little (okay, a lot) of R&R? Lady Slider’s Tara Michie and her fiancé, Tyler, kick their feet up and their drinks back at their favorite spot on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, to help us decide what to get our resort-going friends this year.

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Tara Michie

Adventure Style: The Resort Goer

Teva Gift Picks: The Women’s Original Universal Radiant and Men’s Universal Slide Leather.


What are the holidays like in Hawaii? Are there any local customs you look forward to every year?

It has a really fun, exciting energy. We live on the North Shore of Oahu and the professional surfing tour comes through from November to the end of December for the Triple Crown of surfing. We don’t get cold weather or snow, but the waves produce a powerful, natural energy that is palpable. It’s the season of swell and that’s what represents the winter in Hawaii. A lot of people like to call the massive amounts of foam created by the waves “Island Snow.”

Besides the surf scene, Hawai’I is all about family and friends. We have BBQs on the beach and get to celebrate the holidays outdoors. We have a couple different twists on holiday treats, too. My favorite? Pumpkin crunch, an alternative to pumpkin pie!

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Some people say the holidays aren’t the same without snow. Rebuttal?

I feel so much different about that! I have only spent a few Christmas seasons in cold places and would much rather be on the beach during the holidays—how else are you supposed to go surfing and take photos in Santa hats and aloha shirts? But a few Christmas jams always help.

teva gift guide

Just visiting Hawaii feels like a huge treat, but you live there all year. So how do you pamper yourself a little?

It’s always a treat to go into Honolulu and Waikiki for the holidays. The city is all lit up and decorated with Christmas cheer. The coconut trees have Christmas lights wrapped around them, Santa is wearing an aloha shirt and slippers, and every one is bustling around. A lot of local people like to go on staycations in Waikiki, too! Most hotels and resorts will give local people a “Kama’aina rate” (Kama’aina means “local to Hawai”). A favorite is The Modern right on the outskirts of Waikiki, which has a great outdoor bar and pool scene. I love getting the Frozen Coconut Mojito.

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I also love going to the beach on the other side of the island. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the big waves and surfing scene on the North Shore. Lanikai is great beach to visit to feel like you’re on vacation. It has a very luxe feeling to it without any pretense, and it’s nestled in a beautiful neighborhood with an amazing view of the Mokulua islands (a protected bird sanctuary). The water there has this beautiful milky blue color and is protected by an outer reef. 

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Bikini and sandals, check. What else do you pack for a little resort getaway?

I like to keep my wardrobe simple but colorful and unique. I’ve been trying to perfect my “island style” without feeling tacky. It takes a certain kind of finesse to dress trendy and casual for everyday warm weather. I love putting on an off-the-shoulder dress, like this one from Samudra. It is easy to wear but the off-the-shoulder silhouette and print makes it super fun. I have to bring a pair of my “fancy” Teva Original Universal Radiant sandals (sparkles included) because they add a dressy but quirky aspect to my outfit. 

And aloha shirts are a staple for men in Hawai’i. Tyler likes to get festive and wear red or green ones around the holiday season. His Teva Men’s Universal Slide Leather sandals give his outfit a casual but styled look.

teva gift guide

Consider both sandals added to our cart. Why will these make a great gift for the resort goers in our lives?

These sandals are versatile and functional but still stylish and funky. We can wear them out for drinks with friends or slip them off to take a dip in the ocean!


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