DIY Halloween Skeleton Sandals

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There’s a downside to a holiday like Halloween. After weeks of anticipation and planning, the party feels like it’s over as soon as it starts. That’s why we designed this do-it-yourself project to be a stealthier celebration of All Hallow’s Eve: it’s the perfect compliment for your ghoulish ensemble that still manages to look stylish come November 1.



Teva Original Universal sandals in Black

-A strip of leather or faux-leather material

-White paint pen

-Image of foot bones printed and cut to make a stencil (download our stencil)



-E6000 glue


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  1. Cut your leather or faux-leather material into a 2-inch wide by 6.25-inch long strip.
  2. Measure .75-inch inward and draw a line lengthwise across the strip.
  3. Next, make .25-inch marks down the entire length of the leather strip. Cut fringe up to your .75-inch mark. Don’t cut further than your line, as you’ll need this area intact to glue to the sandal strap.
  4. Glue your string along your sandal strap using the E6000 glue_DSC2419
  5. Apply pressure to help the glue set.
  6. Let glue dry for ten minutes._DSC2407
  7. Use your stencil to trace the foot bone design onto the footbed of your sandals using the white paint pen. Make sure you size the stencil to match the size of your sandal before you print!_DSC2409_DSC2418
  8. Use the white paint pen to draw a checkerboard pattern onto the sides of your sandals.
  9. Let dry completely._DSC2424


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