DIY Teva X HonestlyWTF Sandals with Swarovski Crystals

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“My favorite thing about DIY is that there is no right or wrong approach. Whatever inspires you, whatever you’re feeling…so long as you express that and put in the effort, you’ll feel proud of what you’ve made.”


Since the inception of her lifestyle blog, HonestlyWTF, Erica Chan Coffman has made a name for herself as the certified queen of do-it-yourself projects. Giving a homemade, bohemian spin to everything from vintage plates to pom-pom necklaces, Erica’s blog has become the go-to destination for high-quality designs anyone can recreate at home.



So, who better to helm our recent collaboration? Together with HonestlyWTF and Swarovski, we’ve created special limited-edition #TevaDIY kits that let you customize your Teva Originals and Flatform Universal Sandals using Swarovski crystal sets designed by Erica.


“So much of my time wearing Teva has been in the outdoors river rafting, and a lot of that was in the southwest,” she explains. “I have always been inspired by tribal patterns, Navajo patters and such, so I really wanted to bring that outdoor element to the design, as well as making it fashion forward by adding crystals.”



The result is a set of Swarovski crystals you can apply to your Teva Originals, using either the heat from a flat iron to affix designs prearranged on transfer films, or the included crafting glue to individually place single set crystals and studs for your own.



“People can really make this their own,” says Erica. “They can do whatever they want. There’s a million possibilities.” Get started on your design with a Teva X HonestlyWTF with Swarovski #TevaDIY kit, available at!


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