TevaSphere Gets Dirty At Mud Masters Obstacle Run

If you’re anything like us you’ve got a penchant for the wet and wild—it’s precisely the reason we’re in business. To celebrate the launch of our new TevaSphere we took to the mud in Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands where over 8,000 people ran, slipped and slid through the popular Mud Masters obstacle run.

The popularity of mud runs like this has grown exponentially in the last couple years with Outside Magazine dedicating a cover story to the popular sport. They’re not only inclusive to everyone but a level playing ground where you score points for comraderie and giving others the chance to get by with a little help from their friends, especially over the fortified Teva Great Walls. Check out the photos below and click over to see the live action and post-race photobooth shots.

Inspired? Head to to check out the TevaSphere for men and women.



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