The Essentials: The Gear Olympic Skier Matt Margetts Won’t Leave Behind

There are certain essentials no well-traveled adventurer should be without. We take a look inside the suitcases, surfboard bags, climbing kits and carry ons of some of our favorite globetrotters.


For many slope devotees, snow season is ending soon—and that’s only if their home turf hasn’t already thawed out. But for 26-year-old Vancouver native Matt Margetts, snow is always in session…even if he has to go searching for it. Maybe that’s why he earned a spot on the Canadian team for Sochi 2014, where he got to show off his  chops on the halfpipe (the first time the event has ever been included in the Winter Games). Not bad for a kid they used to call “hucksplat.”


“I earned the name when I was a young teenager my first year competing in freestyle contests,” Margetts tells Teva. “All the other kids had been doing freestyle for years already and I would huck anything, any trick to try and catch up, but would always eat shit or splat.”


Whether he’s on a flight to Sochi or preparing for a ski trip a little closer to home, Matt always packs a few essentials along: a GoPro to capture his crazy antics, a Macbook Pro, socks, underwear and a pair of Teva shoes. As for his 130-pound Bull-Mastiff Rottweiler mix and five-pound teacup toy Chihuahua….well, they don’t always make the cut. Here’s more of the gear that does:

Final Destination: Anywhere with fresh powder and good beer.


The Essentials:

• Teva sandals

“I never leave the house without a pair of Teva sandals. My go-to everyday footwear are the Crank and the Original Universal.”


• Skis

“They’re kind of like my car, my main mode of transportation for my job. They’ve been all over the world with me—Volkl Walls 185cm long with Marker Jester bindings.”


• Boots and Poles

“My work boots are Dalbello Lupo SP size 25. I have small, fat feet with really bad circulation, so I have custom molded Surefoot liners and boot heaters to keep my piggies warm. My poles are Swix Vipers; these puppies help get me going fast and keep me balanced.”


• Helmet and Goggles

“My Smith Maze Helmet, size medium, matte black is probably the most important piece of equipment I have. It saves my noggin when I go down. My Smith I/O goggles keep my eyes from watering when I’m going so damn fast.”


• Snow Shells

“Orage pants and jacket keep me warm and dry and looking good on and off the mountain.”


• Sunglasses

“Smith Mt. Shasta glasses—these things are so sick, everyone needs to get a pair.”


• T-Shirt

“I always have a Lords of Gastown OG Chief T-shirt with me everywhere I go. Lords of Gastown is a Motorcycle Church out of downtown Vancouver.”


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