The Festival Countdown: Personalize Your Sandals with a Teva DIY Kit

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From Bonnaroo to Sasquatch, music festival season combines some of our favorite things: art, style, music, road trips, and camping. This summer, we’re counting down all the ways we love festival season with the help of our friends and a few festival hacks.

The search for music festival sandals that feel both comfortable enough to withstand hours of dancing and emblematic if your personal tastes can be like searching for a unicorn: Sometimes, you’re just not sure they exist.


Enter the Teva DIY Kit, an exclusive pack of crafting supplies that lets you put your own touch on our classic sandal collection. Now whatever it is you want to say, you can say it without actually saying a word (which is a good thing, because music festivals are loud).

We recruited do-it-yourself masters Tegan and Lindsay of the Vancouver-based blog Treasures and Travels to serve up some festival-inspired DIY inspiration—all you have to do is grab your kit and get to work.


Cactus Stitching

For an embroidered cactus look, lightly sketch the outline of a cactus silhouette onto the webbing of the sandals, then followed the pattern with stitching using the embroidery thread and needle. For a thinner look, we trimmed the embroidery thread from six strands down to three. We added some tongue-in-cheek messaging to the pack strap using the same method—just make sure to secure your stitching with a knot once you reach the end.



You can do the embroidered cactus on both shoes, but we chose to apply the Swarovski gold studs to one shoe. We cut each strip of studs and applied them individually to get the studs closer together. All you need to apply the studs is the heat from an iron or hair straightener.


Pictured: Women’s Flatform Universal 

Studded Embellishments

Starting at the strap on the back of the Flatform sandals, apply a dab of glue to the flat side of a stud and press it down firmly on the webbing. Work your way around the back of the shoe, repeating until you’ve attached all your desired studs. You can add matching designs to the other straps using a silver Sharpie pen.


Jewels and Tassels

Lay out your black jewels in the pattern you want so you can measure out an even distance between them before you glue them onto your sandal strap. Squeeze glue onto a piece of cardboard and apply to each jewel with a toothpick, pressing down firmly onto the strap until set.


To make custom tassels, pick up a roll of embroidery thread and tie a loop through one end of the entire roll, securing with a knot. Wrap another piece of thread about ½ inch from the top of where your loop is, wrap a few times, and secure with a knot. Repeat those steps on the other end of the roll of thread, then snip through the middle—that will give you two tassels. Loop each one around the side of the shoe and secure.


Pictured: Women’s Original Universal, Women’s Universal Slide


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